Giving thanks isn’t always easy.


Amid the turmoil of frustrations that make up everyday life.

Amid the unfinished homework and messy bedrooms.

Amid the bills and taxes and myriad little drains on prosperity.

Amid the unwashed dishes and unmowed lawns.


Giving thanks isn’t always easy.


When we’re exhausted from sleepless nights.

When we’re tested by unending workloads.

When we’re struggling to be patient with our kids.

When we’re burdened with the harsh realities of sudden turns of health.


Giving thanks isn’t always easy.


At the end of the day, when all you want to do is relax but the last load of laundry just ended.

At the start of the week, when you feel like the weekend flew by with half the jobs unfinished.

At the end of the month, when you see another month of careful planning whisked away by daily grind.

At the end of the year, when you see you’re not as far ahead as you planned to be.


But that’s how life is. And still, we need to know that there is in this so much still to be grateful for…


For the everyday life that is really just the nature of the adventure we’re on.

For the homework and bedrooms that mean we have a house full of love.

For the bills and taxes that might cost money, but show that we have money enough to pay them.

For the dishes and lawns that mean we have plenty to eat and a beautiful home.

For the sleepless nights that mean we have a new baby who is the light of our lives.

For the unending workloads that mean we’re powering our way towards our dreams.

For the kids who test our patience but teach us so much about ourselves.

For the doctors and nurses who face our struggles with us and make up our amazing team.

For the fact that there is laundry to clean, and still time to relax.

For the fact that we have a week at a time to organize around the important things.

For the daily grind that keeps us grounded and moving forward.

For the chance to correct course, find our way, and reboot in the new year.


Giving thanks isn’t always easy.


But it is always so important.

Because if we ever find ourselves ungrateful for the things that take us off course, we start to believe that the course isn’t ours to set and that it’s out of our control. Yet all our power comes from seeing the potential in every situation, and being grateful for the potential is the soil that potential needs to grow and blossom.


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    • Yateesh Kumar

      Amazing. Those line are absolutely true in real life. Great

    • Jan Hannon

      This is marvelous! Giving thanks for having you all in our lives.

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