As the leaves finish their long trip to the ground, the Halloween chaos winds down, and the air turns crisper, the question that often lingers in the back of our minds is, “Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas?” Some might argue that the holiday season should only begin in December, while others decry the early appearance of store displays, seemingly thrust upon us the day before Thanksgiving (in Canada, at least). But for those of us who find joy in preparation and celebration, we know that getting a head start is not only practical but essential to creating the perfect holiday experience.

For us, the “holiday season” doesn’t just begin in December. Instead, it starts with the warm gathering of Thanksgiving in October and continues through the spooky celebrations of Halloween. By the time November rolls around, we’re ready to cast off the remnants of fall decorations and start with a blank canvas, ushering in the holiday season with open arms. In a world that often rushes from one occasion to the next, it’s refreshing to take a moment to pause, reflect, and savour the anticipation of Christmas.

A Season of Planning and Preparation

The holiday season isn’t something that can be conjured overnight. Just as you can’t expect to deliver a flawless performance without practice, you can’t dive into holiday planning the week before Christmas. It requires thought, intention, and time.

One of our favorite traditions during this early onset of the holiday season is the planning of our annual open house party. It’s a time to reconnect with friends and family, to share laughter and memories, and to create new ones. Planning an event of this magnitude requires careful consideration of invitations, food, decorations, and entertainment. Starting early allows us to take pleasure in the process, ensuring that each detail is executed to perfection — or at least as close to our perfection as we can get.

A Fresh Start: Saying Goodbye to Fall Decorations

The transition from fall to the holiday season is, for us, a symbol of renewal. The rich, earthy tones of autumn are replaced with the timeless and elegant hues of red, green, and gold. It’s a time for out with the old and in with the new, as we carefully store away the harvest-themed decorations, making way for wreaths, twinkling lights, and ornaments that symbolize the spirit of Christmas.

This transition is not just about changing the décor; it’s about changing the atmosphere. The act of redecorating becomes a ritual in itself. Each ornament that is lovingly hung on the tree or each garland carefully draped along the banister carries with it the memories of past holidays and the promise of new ones. The warmth and coziness of the holiday season begin to permeate our homes, making it a place of joy and wonder.

A slower pace in November gives us pause to take stock, make repairs, and replace items that didn’t survive last Christmas.

Gifts, Reflection, and New Beginnings

Another key aspect of starting the holiday season early is the opportunity it provides for thoughtful gift-giving. With time on our side, we can carefully curate a list of gifts that reflect our love and appreciation for our friends and family. It’s a chance to find the perfect present, rather than rushing to buy the first thing we see on Christmas Eve.

The early start to the season also offers us a moment to reflect on the year that’s drawing to a close. In our busy lives, it’s easy to forget to pause and take stock of the past 11 months. The pre-holiday season provides the perfect backdrop for this, ahead of the bustle and energy of December. It’s a time to express gratitude for the blessings and lessons we’ve received, and to make peace with any challenges that have come our way. This reflective practice helps us transition into the new year with a sense of purpose and clarity.

Looking ahead, the new year beckons with its promise of fresh beginnings. With our holiday preparations underway, we can also begin to make plans for the year to come. Setting goals, crafting resolutions, and dreaming of what the future may hold becomes an integral part of our holiday season, bridging the old and the new.

Wrapping Up: An Early Start to the Holiday Season

So, is it too early to start thinking about Christmas? Not for those of us who believe that the holiday season is not confined to the month of December. For us, it’s a journey that begins with Thanksgiving, unfolds through the enchantment of Halloween, and culminates in the joyous celebration of Christmas.

The early start allows us to plan meticulously, decorate with care, and choose our gifts thoughtfully. It gives us the opportunity to reflect on the year that’s passing and dream of the one to come. It enables us to savor every moment of the season, instead of rushing through it.

This year, as the end of autumn heralds the arrival of the holidays, consider joining us in embracing the spirit of Christmas a little earlier. You don’t need to go all-out with decorating, but you can start your preparations, plan your gatherings, and relish the joy of the season. After all, the holiday spirit is not bound by the calendar but by the warmth and love we share with one another.

Join the Holiday Conversation: Share Your Festive Stories and Traditions

aHave you already embraced the spirit of Christmas, or do you prefer to wait until December? We’d love to hear your thoughts and traditions! Share your holiday experiences, tips, and the unique ways you prepare for this magical season in the comments below. Let’s start a spirited conversation that captures the essence of the holidays and brings us all a little closer together. Your stories and insights are the ornaments that make our discussion tree complete!

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