In the quiet town of Innisfil, Ontario, Maria Shenouda has woven a tale through her hands—a tale of craftsmanship, sustainability, and a touch of magic. As the creative director and owner of Hook & Stud, Maria’s journey into the world of handmade treasures unfolds like the pages of a storybook.

Maria embarked on this creative odyssey during the pandemic, seeking solace and purpose beyond the confines of her daily job. “What inspired me to start Hook & Stud is looking for something to do to take my mind off my current job,” Maria reflects. “I needed something to do during the pandemic, while I was at home, and that I loved doing regardless of how late it was at night! I began hand making earrings, mainly dangles and studs – and that is what inspired the name ‘Hook & Stud’ to come to life!”

The name itself encapsulates the essence of Maria’s creations – a symphony of hooks bringing forth elegant dangly earrings and studs forming the foundation of timeless designs. As the demand for her unique products grew, so did the product line, expanding to include hair bows, barrettes, wristlet keychains, bow ties, and most recently, card wallets.

What sets Hook & Stud apart is not just the variety of products but the meticulous care with which each piece is crafted. Maria’s hands pour creativity into vegan leather, resulting in accessories that cater to all ages, from infants to those young at heart.

“Our products are handmade and put together with care and precision,” Maria affirms. “Using vegan leather also allows me to think of the global environment as a whole and create sustainable, eco-friendly products for all.”

The commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with the ethos of creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. In a world saturated with mass-produced items, Hook & Stud stands out by rarely duplicating the same design, ensuring that each purchase is a truly distinctive experience.

In the world of Hook & Stud, the audience is as diverse as the products themselves. From young infants to those young at heart, the target demographic spans across age groups. While the majority of the collection caters to girls, youth, and adults, there’s a thoughtful inclusion of products for boys and men.

“Our target audience ranges from young infants to those who are young at heart,” Maria explains. “We are constantly open to creating different products for a diverse audience, so we always have an open ear to ideas!”

The reach of Hook & Stud extends beyond Innisfil. Some of their products find a home in shops and boutiques in the Simcoe County and Muskoka areas, with plans for further expansion in 2024. Maria envisions connecting with more communities in Simcoe County, bringing her handmade treasures to a broader audience.

For Maria, Hook & Stud is not just a business; it’s a manifestation of values that guide her every creation. The core principles of handcrafting each item with care and precision, using vegan leather for eco-friendly products, and the commitment to uniqueness shape the philosophy behind the brand.

“Our value is to create unique products that are timeless and long-lasting but also appealing to the larger community and audiences at various markets and events,” Maria states.

Success stories at Hook & Stud are not just measured in sales but in the smiles and stories of satisfied customers. One memorable tale involves a customer who attended an art show adorned with Hook & Stud earrings. The cascade of compliments she received prompted a return visit to another show, where she shared her experience and left with more pieces.

“There was a time where a customer had bought earrings from one of our markets. The customer then attended an art show and wore the earrings they bought from us. She was provided with so many compliments during that art event that she came back to another show we were at and shared with us this story – and bought some more earrings!”

The lightweight and hypoallergenic nature of the earrings have become a signature feature, attracting customers who previously struggled with discomfort. Once they experience the comfort and style of Hook & Stud accessories, they become devoted patrons, returning for more.

Behind the scenes, Hook & Stud is more than just Maria. Her husband plays a crucial role, offering support at markets and fairs, from setting up the booth to the meticulous take-down. Together, they delve into discussions about stock, product ideas, and strategies to further market their brand to the community.

“The Hook & Stud team is comprised of myself and my husband,” Maria shares. “He is very supportive of this mission of handmade, eco-friendly, and light products, and I couldn’t be more thankful for his efforts and inspiration to take Hook & Stud to the next level!”

As winter blankets Innisfil in tranquility, Maria and her husband are gearing up for a season of planning and growth. The downtime of the winter months in 2024 will be dedicated to designing a website for Hook & Stud, poised to greet the market season in spring with a digital presence. Expansion plans are on the horizon, with new products in the pipeline to captivate an even larger audience.

“We plan to use the downtime of the winter months of 2024 to design a website for Hook & Stud, which is planned to be ready for when the market season begins in spring 2024,” Maria reveals. “We also plan to provide new products on top of what we currently offer so that we reach more customers within our community. We’re excited for what’s coming in the years ahead!”

In the world of Hook & Stud, there are no quirky tales or elaborate stories—just the simplicity of good old natural earrings and accessories. Maria’s craft speaks for itself, a testament to her dedication and passion for creating timeless pieces that resonate with individuals seeking authenticity in a world filled with mass-produced uniformity.

If you’re enchanted by the world of handmade accessories, Hook & Stud invites you to explore their collection. Connect with Maria and the Hook & Stud community through their email at You can also follow their creative journey on social media:

As the story of Hook & Stud continues to unfold, each piece crafted by Maria tells a tale of creativity, sustainability, and a commitment to bringing joy to those who appreciate the artistry of handmade treasures.

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