Crafty’s Collection: Weaving Joy into Every Basket

If you’ve ever found yourself pondering the profound impact of a well-crafted basket, you’re not alone. For Allison Coldwell, the creative force behind Crafty’s Collection, these baskets are more than just vessels; they’re tokens of joy and love. Located in Richmond Hill, Canada; but frequently found at markets across the region throughout the summer; Crafty’s Collection is a testament to the transformative power of handwoven baskets, each brimming with personality, purpose, and passion.


A Woven Journey

Allison Coldwell’s journey as a basket weaver began with a touch of serendipity. In grade 9 at the Toronto Waldorf School, she first encountered the art of basket weaving. Little did she know that this introduction would set the stage for her remarkable future. Fast forward to a time when lockdowns filled her life with uncertainty, she rediscovered her love for basket weaving, transforming it from a hobby into a thriving business.

Recalling her first foray into the world of market booths, Allison recounts a pivotal moment. A customer’s decisive choice to purchase one of her handwoven baskets left her awe-struck. “I’ll get this one, please,” they said, and it was in that instant that the profound appreciation for her craft became crystal clear. Her baskets brought joy to people’s lives, elevating the mundane act of shopping to a delightful experience.

From Hobby to Business

Crafty’s Collection is more than a business; it’s a heartfelt endeavor to infuse joy into everyday life. Allison’s creative process begins in her home in Richmond Hill, where she painstakingly weaves each basket with love and care. Her passion lies in customizing every basket to match the unique style and intended purpose of its owner, resulting in one-of-a-kind creations.

“My business philosophy is simple but profound,” she explains. “Using bags at the grocery store or cheap quality baskets from the dollar store, do these things bring you any joy? I’m going to guess you never even thought about that question, and that the answer is ‘no.’ When you use a handmade basket that has been woven with love, you are filled with joy and eagerly fill up your beautiful basket.”

“For me, it’s all about helping people overcome challenges and create something they are genuinely proud of,”

Weaving Happiness

Allison’s dedication goes beyond selling baskets. Her workshops offer a glimpse into her deep-seated love for the art of basket weaving. It’s not a skill that comes easily, and her students often grapple with the intricacies of the craft. Yet, witnessing the smiles and satisfaction on their faces when they complete their beautiful baskets is the ultimate reward.

“For me, it’s all about helping people overcome challenges and create something they are genuinely proud of,” Allison emphasizes. “That’s the core reason why I love what I do.”

A Bright Future

Allison is not one to rest on her laurels. Currently enrolled in her first year of university for a material art and design program, she’s poised to expand her skills and push the boundaries of her craft. Her commitment to learning and growth shines through in every meticulously woven basket she creates.

In the upcoming year, Crafty’s Collection will be hosting a workshop, offering anyone the opportunity to join Allison in the delightful journey of crafting a beautiful basket. As her expertise evolves, so too will her product line, unveiling new, creative masterpieces to bring even more joy into people’s lives.

Connecting with Crafty’s Collection

If you’re ready to embrace the joy of handwoven baskets and become a part of Crafty’s Collection’s enchanting world, you can connect with Allison via her website, Instagram, or email:

In a world filled with mass-produced and impersonal items, Crafty’s Collection stands as a beacon of artistry and love. Each basket is a testament to Allison’s unwavering commitment to bringing joy and personality into your everyday life. Whether it’s a bustling market or a quiet corner of your home, these handwoven treasures carry with them the warmth and charm of Crafty’s Collection, transforming mundane moments into memorable ones.

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