Nestled comfortably on her couch, Eriona Maria Campbell embarked on a journey that would transform her artistic musings into a flourishing business, celebrating the essence of women, motherhood, and entrepreneurship.

“It all began about a year ago when I was sitting on my front porch, sipping coffee, and feeling a bit bored,” Eriona recalls. “I picked up my iPad, downloaded a free drawing app, and started doodling whatever came to mind.”

A music teacher by profession, her initial sketches naturally leaned toward music-related themes. However, the season whispered inspiration, and Eriona found herself sketching vibrant foliage with the colors of autumn. She playfully captioned her creation with “#momlife on break” and shared it on Instagram.

“Little did I know that this moment would set me on a path I had never anticipated,” she says. The very next day, a piano teacher reached out to her, requesting a similar artwork featuring a piano. It was a turning point that transformed her doodles into something more significant.

“With each naptime and bedtime, my illustrations grew more intricate,” Eriona explains. “But it was a request from a fellow mom in town that reshaped my artistic direction.” She was asked to sketch a portrait of a group of young mothers, a gesture to commemorate their shared journey into motherhood. Eriona took on the challenge, and in the process, she fell head over heels in love with illustrating.

“This was the moment that changed everything,” she reflects. “I envisioned using my art to empower and celebrate women, both as mothers and as business owners and leaders.”

What sets Maria Illustrations apart is the commitment to capturing the essence of femininity, strength, and grace in every artwork. “I like to think my illustrations portray women as elegant, feminine, whimsical but also strong, respectable, and grounded. It’s about striking that balance,” Eriona emphasizes.

Eriona’s ideal audience includes mothers and women business owners who can relate to and resonate with her unique illustrations. But her community involvement goes beyond artistry. “I’m always on the lookout to support women-owned businesses,” she says. “I frequently offer to do illustrations for them as a way to grow and promote their business. It helps them AND helps me work on my drawing skills!”

At the heart of Maria Illustrations is a simple yet profound philosophy: to portray and celebrate the empowerment of women, the joys of motherhood, and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

For Eriona, success isn’t just about the art; it’s about the impact. “I think every time I complete an illustration and my client loves it and it means something to them and their family or business, that’s a success story for me.”

Currently, Maria Illustrations is a team of two—Eriona and her husband, who plays a significant role in her creative process. As for the future, Eriona’s plans are grounded in her mission: “To stay true to the roots of my art, to portray the many roles and powers of women, because that is what my parents taught me, and that’s what I am going to teach my daughter.”

In the midst of artistic endeavors, there’s always room for fun. Eriona shares her life with a playful husky named Rocky, “my late night drawing buddy. He’s got blue eyes and salt and pepper fur. He’s gentle, playful, smart, a great big brother to our baby girl but sometimes he’s got the attitude of a teenage girl!”

To explore the captivating world of Maria Illustrations and celebrate the essence of women, reach out to Eriona Campbell via Instagram or by phone at 647-378-2325.

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