Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Durham Region, there exists a hidden gem called The Blooming Crate. It’s a place where nature meets design in the most enchanting way, and it’s the brainchild of Franca, a woman whose journey from the corporate world to the world of floral design is as inspiring as the blooms she crafts into stunning arrangements.

Franca’s story begins with a career in marketing, a world governed by strategies and statistics. Yet, her heart had always been captivated by nature, design, and the art of transforming spaces into something beautiful. It was a love affair with her new home that led her to make a remarkable career shift. After buying her first house, Franca decided to follow her passion for nature and design by pursuing a Landscape Design Certification.

“I love all things related to design, specifically the beautification of indoor and outdoor spaces, gardening, and above all, absorbing all the beauty mother nature has to offer,” Franca shares. Her genuine love for people’s stories and her desire to build connections, learn, and grow were the driving forces behind her decision to transition from marketing to the world of floral design.

The Blooming Crate was born out of this passion. It started as a cozy retail space, complete with a studio and an event venue. Franca’s vision was to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside, giving her customers a rustic and welcoming atmosphere. Little did she know, this space would evolve into something more extraordinary—an in-home business that focuses on floral design and creative workshops, all the while collaborating with local businesses to make it happen.

Oshawa became the canvas for Franca’s dreams. It was here that she found a space to run her business from home and even grow her own florals. What makes The Blooming Crate truly special is Franca’s commitment to sustainability. Her design style is a blend of loose and organic, working wonders with both fresh and dried flowers. She avoids environmentally unfriendly products like foam whenever possible, opting for eco-friendly alternatives. Supporting local farmers, she sources her flowers as locally as possible, strengthening community bonds and minimizing her carbon footprint.

“I provide a personal approach and believe in building trust through my strong work ethic and genuine desire to help others,” Franca emphasizes. Her philosophy of fair pricing, transparency, and respectful interactions permeates every aspect of her business.

Franca’s Blooming Crate serves a dual purpose, catering to two distinct yet interconnected audiences. The first is made up of women planning events who seek cost-effective floral options without compromising on beauty. Franca’s expertise in event florals offers them a creative and budget-friendly solution. The second audience comprises flower lovers eager to explore the world of floral design through workshops and classes.

These workshops, hosted at various locations throughout Durham Region, are a testament to Franca’s dedication to fostering connections within the community. She collaborates with local businesses to make these events possible, reinforcing her commitment to supporting the growth of the region’s small enterprises.

The Blooming Crate has earned a reputation for its outstanding service and dedication to its customers. Franca’s clients consistently sing her praises, and their testimonials can be found on her website, providing an authentic glimpse into the joy she brings to their lives.

Community involvement is at the heart of Franca’s business. She actively seeks partnerships with local businesses, aiming to create a network that supports and uplifts one another. Her vision of a thriving community extends beyond her own floral studio, and she eagerly participates in local events and initiatives.

As The Blooming Crate continues to flourish, Franca’s sights are set on expansion. She aspires to take her workshops beyond Durham Region, sharing her passion for floral design with a broader audience. Additionally, Franca envisions creating more captivating floral installations, offering her an artistic outlet to express her creativity.

But The Blooming Crate isn’t just about business; it’s also about moments of pure joy and fun. Franca reminisces, “My workshops are always fun. I meet so many wonderful ladies with stories to share, and there is always laughter as a result of it.” 

Fun Facts abound as well: Did you know that Franca is trained in designing outdoor spaces and gardens? This multi-talented entrepreneur’s expertise extends far beyond arranging flowers; she can transform entire landscapes into breathtaking havens.

To explore Franca’s world of floral design or collaborate with The Blooming Crate for your next event, reaching out is easy. You can contact Franca via email at or by phone at 289-356-4229. To stay updated on her latest creations and workshops, follow @thebloomingcrate on Instagram and Facebook or visit her website at

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