It’s really about a life well lived…

When we first got together as a couple, we had a shared love of DIY television.

That’s a weird opening, right? We’ve spent so much time talking about the importance of “beautiful living” and trying to keep ourselves and our family on track — despite the many derailments that come with living a real life — that you’d think there was some deep, soulful insight to be had.

Well, there sort of is. See, we loved taking all these great ideas we found on HGTV and on Pinterest and turning them into things that could make our space and our family glimmer. And it was after having taken some time to explore pieces of the world; Italy for our honeymoon, and Ireland for our babymoon a year later; that we really coalesced into the idea of “living beautifully.”

Before those adventures, we had made some stuff: DIY projects that really sparked some creative energy and got us fired up. After those trips, we connected much more deeply to the movement of the idea of “place” in the world, and we started blogging about all of it as “Pin Warriors,” which was a pretty cool entry into the world of online community building. And we realized that we knew what living beautifully truly meant to us:

The art of living creatively, engineering beautiful spaces, enjoying amazing food, crafting what makes you happy, and exploring enchanted places with the people you love.

How amazing is that definition? We’re pretty proud of coming up with that one on our own, and it took a lot of back-and-forth to nail it down.


Because we’re actually very different people. Steve is a homebody. He likes to keep his attention focused at home, and on the way the space feels around us (“even though he’s a bit scattered in his project planning…” – A). Amanda is a world traveler. She likes to explore places far afield and experience the breadth and depth of life in other places (“so, we’re basically Toot & Puddle…” – S).

Amanda is an organizer. She’s a planner. She’s a teacher, and a cleaning expert.

Steve is a creative. He’s an idea guy. He’s the precise opposite of a neat freak.

But it works — not all the time, but it does work. It works because we’ve embraced the idea of living beautifully. Amanda encourages adventure. Steve encourages creativity. Amanda motivates routine cleanups. Steve encourages letting go. And kids…

…well, kids encourage total freedom from any plans or ideas you thought you had.

We look at living beautifully as living holistically. As all of the parts of a life are intertwined, there can’t be concentration in only one area, or imbalance starts to work its way in. We’ve all experienced this — us included, which is why we took a break from blogging in earnest. It’s hard when you’re overwhelmed with the stuff of life in a stuff-filled world. COVID didn’t help; living essentially on top of each other for a few years is never going to be without issue. Work and life in the same space makes it difficult to find balance. We’ve faced health issues. We’ve lost people close to us. We’ve experienced the dis-ease of the contemporary political theatre. We’ve had to re-think some of our work and career choices.

But, we’ve also explored new areas of passion and engagement. We’ve created new bonds and friendships, hatched new goals, dreams, and plans. We’ve re-committed ourselves to the principles of living beautifully.

We’re taking a holistic approach to life. We know that work and life need to be in balance. We know that together time and alone time need to be honoured. We know that health and pleasure don’t need to be mutually exclusive. Exercise and meditation. Imagination and practicality. Peace and chaos. Distress and eustress.

Funny enough, we’re both highly trained as coaches, holistic health practitioners, trainers and guides. Sometimes, we turn that lens back on ourselves. Sometimes, we turn it on each other. It’s not always comfortable, but it is always enlightening.

We’ve explored employment that ignites us and entrepreneurship that fulfills us. Our goal for this fall is to embrace the essence of Living Beautifully, to expand this idea in our own lives, and bring what we can to our little corner of the digital universe as we shape and reshape the roadmap of what that looks like in our little corner of real life.


What Does “Living Beautifully” Mean to You?

aLife is a journey, and the path to wellness and contentment is often marked by the choices we make along the way. In our pursuit of a holistic lifestyle, we’re curious to know: What does “living beautifully” signify to you, and how have you woven it into your life?

Your experiences and insights matter, and we’d love to hear your story. So, please, don’t hesitate to drop your thoughts in the comments section below. Let’s inspire and learn from one another as we embark on this holistic journey together! 🌿💫

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