Dear friends,

It’s been WAY too long.

We started PinWarriors as a way to share some of our favourite things about crafting, food, parenting, and travel. And we loved every minute of it!

Then, in late 2018, we got sidetracked. Steve had to go back to work. There were shifts in a few areas of our health. Careers and kids took over, as they often will. We pushed through 2019, with Amanda taking up the intensive study of Yoga Therapy and Steve starting to build his online personal training practice.

Then, 2020 came, and along with it a new and kind of scary adventure we shared with the rest of the world. With two kids at home, and two parents trying to work virtually, it was a year full of challenges. But it wasn’t without its rewards: Amanda’s practice has been growing steadily, and Steve has rekindled his love affair with music and woodworking — although he spends too much time customizing guitars and not enough time painting our ship lap!

But, as we roll into another autumn season and spend our weekends roaming the countryside and visiting our friends at the farmers’ markets, we’ve realized that some of our fondest memories have come from doing the things that feed into our idea of “beautiful living”:

Living creatively, engineering beautiful spaces, enjoying amazing food, crafting what makes you happy, and exploring enchanted places with the people you love.

Fall is the time of year we do this the most. And now Amanda is back in school full-time as a student researching mindfulness in education, and Steve’s holistic health coaching practice is starting to take off. And we have warm, fond, cinnamon and pumpkin memories of doing this work and sharing our journeys with our readers (who are also amazing crafters and cooks and parents). And so…

…the time has come for a facelift. PinWarriors is being rebranded as Living Beautifully. All our social media channels are simply changing names, and they’re undergoing a gradual shift to this new identity. Our website will no longer be; from now on, you can find us at

Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be rolling out our blog posts. For the first little while you’ll see posts you’ve seen before, as we migrate our stories and recipes and update them for the best possible reader experience. This rollout also allows us to let Google and others know that there’s a new website in town, and that we’re not just doubling up our content!

We hope everyone is keeping well and safe, and that you’re having a healthy and joyful start to the fall. We’re patiently waiting for the leaves to change colour, as we usually get a pretty spectacular show in our part of the world.

We’ll let you know the second that happens.

Now…back to that ship lap…


aWhat’s your favourite part of the fall season? Let us know in the comments!

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